The Webinar Series That Bridges the Gap Between Your Challenges and Our Testing Expertise

The Meazure Learning Expert Series features webinars with industry experts who will share the most important lessons they’ve learned from decades of experience in the field. At the end of each session, you can engage in a live Q&A to ask our experts for their insight on the challenges your organization is currently facing.


Lessons in AI: The Credentialing Edition

May 2024—Date and Time TBD

AI has disrupted how we engage with technology and each other. Just as the Internet created an information superhighway, AI is creating new ways for consuming data, communicating, and making decisions. With its influence getting stronger by the day, understanding its impact on credentialing has never been more vital. 

Join a panel of credentialing experts as they check in on AI’s successful applications in the assessment life cycle, current challenges, and strategies for protecting against misuse. Now is the perfect time to listen in as experts divulge insights, lessons learned, and predictions about what’s to come. 

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Lessons in AI: The Legal Landscape Edition

June 2024—Date and Time TBD

The increased use of AI, especially generative AI, has prompted new legislative activity and even lawsuits. For testing programs and educators interested in adopting AI, understanding the rules and risks—both domestically and internationally—is crucial. 

Join a panel of industry experts as they explore the legal landscape and emerging issues around content and data ownership, transparency, and bias. Together, we’ll cover new legislation, pending litigation, and current strategies for effectively implementing AI. At the end of this discussion, you’ll feel ready to embrace the benefits of AI while avoiding the legal pitfalls. 

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