The Next Stage of ACCUPLACER Online Exam Delivery


In September 2023, Meazure Learning acquired Examity, further establishing itself as the global leader in human-centric online proctoring. This move combined the unmatched scale and innovation of Meazure Learning’s ProctorU Platform and the Examity platform into one new and improved ProctorU Platform.

Starting in September 2024, ACCUPLACER exams will be available through the ProctorU Platform. This transition promises to deliver a best-in-class online testing experience for your students and staff, ensuring next-level support and test security.

Compare Proctoring Service Lines

A Snapshot of the Record+ & Live+ Offerings

Examity Service Line

Meazure Learning Equivalent


Automated + Audit


Test-takers complete their exam without proctor interaction. The proctoring system records their screen activity as well as video and audio. Our trained professional proctors review these recordings within 72 hours after exam completion, but 99% of audits happen within 24 hours.

Live Proctoring


Test-takers are connected with a proctor throughout the entire exam session. If they engage in any prohibited actions, the proctor intervenes in real time and addresses the issue. If a proctor intervenes or if an incident of exam misconduct is reported during a session, that incident will be reviewed and audited by our team to validate whether misconduct occurred. We send these reports to clients within 48 hours of the incident creation in the platform, though the process is typically much quicker.

Detailed Comparison of Examity and Meazure Learning Offerings

Meazure Learning   Examity  


Automated + Audit


Live Proctoring


Exam Scheduling & Launch Process        

Scheduled appointment required




Automated identity verification and session launch




Live identity verification and session launch



Exam Monitoring        

Automated system recording and flagging of potential incidents




Live continuous proctor monitoring and flagging




Active human intervention to prevent or stop cheating in the moment


Technology identification & prevention of suspicious actions


Post-exam professional proctor review for misconduct


End-to-end video recording of each test-taker’s webcam & screen


Time-stamped video events for review


Real-time video livestream for faculty observation


Technical support available during exam


Incident reporting within 24-48 hours


Incident reporting within 72 hours


Real-time incident notifications available


Exam analytics dashboard

Proctoring Technology Requirements        

Guardian Secure Browser required to launch exam

Proctoring Technology Benefits        

Option for test-takers to test their equipment


Free, 24/7 technical support for test-takers and admins


Unlimited scalability with notice


99.9% platform uptime guarantee


Frequently Asked Questions

Comparing Examity to Meazure Learning

How long will exam proctoring be available on the Examity platform?

Exams will be delivered through the Examity platform until September 15. At that point, new appointments through Examity will be blocked and scheduling through the ProctorU Platform will begin.

How do Meazure Learning’s remote proctoring services compare to Examity’s?

Through the ProctorU Platform, Meazure Learning offers two service lines that are comparable to those provided by Examity. The Examity service lines used for ACCUPLACER exams—Automated + Audit and Live Proctoring—are similar to the ProctorU Record+ and Live+ services. Here’s a brief overview of these solutions.

Record+: Test-takers are guided through an automated exam launch. The entire session is recorded and reviewed by one of our professional proctors, and reports of any potential integrity incidents are delivered within 72 hours (though many are returned within 24 hours).

Live+: A live human proctor is present for the entire testing process, intervening if potential exam misconduct occurs. Any integrity incidents are reported within 24 hours.

To learn more about these service lines, please visit this web page and review the feature comparison chart above.  

What enhancements does the Meazure Learning solution offer compared to Examity?

While there are many enhancements, the following are particularly noteworthy:

Guardian Secure Browser – Meazure Learning’s proprietary secure browser underpins all proctoring solutions. The Guardian Browser not only provides a higher level of exam security but also offers a smoother and more stable experience. To address today’s ever-evolving testing and cheating trends, the Guardian Browser proactively blocks prohibited applications, computer functionality, and resources.

Guided Launch Experience – To provide a more efficient, consistent, and less invasive proctoring experience, students are led through an automated, system-led room scan that is confirmed by real-time proctor review.

Specialist Proctor Model – Meazure Learning understands that effective proctoring requires a diverse skillset in authentication, de-escalation, technical support, communication, and more. To facilitate a superior testing experience, we’ve segmented our proctoring team into specialist roles. When test-takers go through the exam launch process, the ratio is 1:1. Once they enter an exam, the ratio can go up to 4:1. However, if a proctor identifies any suspicious behavior or support requirements, the test-taker will be transferred to a specialist, which is a 1:1 interaction.

Scheduling Availability – Backed by the world’s largest team of remote proctors, Meazure Learning’s ProctorU Platform offers unmatched scalability and support with Live+ proctoring appointments available at 10-minute increments, as opposed to 30-minute increments offered on the Examity platform.

Proctoring Operations, Capacity, and Ratios

What is the ratio between proctors and test-takers, and how many sessions can a proctor handle at the same time?

When test-takers are going through the exam launch process, the ratio is 1:1. Once they enter an exam, the test-taker to proctor ratio can go up to 4:1. However, if a proctor identifies any suspicious behavior, the test-taker will be transferred to an intervention specialist, which is a 1:1 interaction.

Are you using the same proctors as Examity?

Yes, all of the former Examity proctors are now full-time proctors for Meazure Learning. We also have an additional global network of proctors located across multiple countries.

Pricing, Payments, and Fees

Is there a difference in price between the Examity and Meazure Learning remote proctoring services for ACCUPLACER?

To reflect the enhanced functionality and support of the ProctorU Platform, we will be implementing our first price increase for the ACCUPLACER program since 2016. 

Live+: $28/exam
Record+: $12/exam
On-Demand Scheduling Fees: For Live+ exams, there is a small fee for exams booked shortly before exam time. These fees can be set to institution or student pay.

  • $5 for Live+ exams booked within 72 hours
  • $8 for Live+ exams booked within 24 hours
Can proctoring fees be charged to the test-taker OR the institution?

Yes, institutions can select whether proctoring fees will be covered by the institution (invoiced monthly) or the test-taker (at the time of scheduling). On-demand fees can also be configured as the responsibility of the institution or the test-taker because they are charged separately from the standard proctoring fee. To learn more about on-demand scheduling fees, please reference this support article.

Exam Security

How does the platform detect and prevent proxy testing?
The platform employs multiple measures to detect and prevent proxy testing, including ID validation, checks for unpermitted applications, the use of trained proctors, integration with our Guardian Secure Browser, extensive telemetry data, and more. Our team also continuously monitors the web for new tactics and threats so we can respond accordingly. These measures have successfully addressed many proxy attempts.
Are test-takers able to access other websites or computer programs outside the Guardian Browser?
The Guardian Browser blocks interaction with locally installed applications and checks for unpermitted applications every 30 seconds. If requested, we can add specific URLs to an allow list. Otherwise, access to other websites or programs will be restricted. The browser also logs all active processes on the machine for thorough investigation in case a potentially threatening program is detected. These settings are configurable for each exam to either allow or restrict local and internet browsing. 
Does the platform detect multiple screens?
Yes, it detects if multiple monitors are being used. If a secondary monitor is being used, the platform will prompt the test-taker to disconnect the secondary monitor in order to proceed. This is a continuous function throughout the exam.
Does the platform detect remote connections or virtual machines?
Yes, it looks for over 400 applications to detect virtual machine and remote access tools. The platform also has other methods to detect the presence of virtual security threats during an exam session.

Data Security

How do you address the complaint from students that this is spyware?

Spyware is defined as a type of malicious software that surveils or collects information without the knowledge or consent of the user. Everything that occurs in our proctoring software or is collected during a remote proctoring session is visible to the user or explained in real time. In most cases, remote proctoring is provided as a convenient option for test-takers but not a requirement. 

Test-takers can remove the Guardian Browser after the exam. We intentionally limit the data we capture and encrypt it. Our clients own this data, and we cannot legally use the data for anything other than proctoring. We have multiple security certifications demonstrating that we handle data with care.

This blog article may be useful to address other questions, and we encourage all clients to review our Compliance page and our Privacy Policy.

How do you respond to test-taker concerns about data security and privacy during room scans?
We take the privacy of all our platform users very seriously. We do our best to prepare all test-takers for exam day, including a review of the room scan process. We also request consent to record the session prior to every exam. Here are a few of the resources available for test-takers to help prepare them for the process and explain our position on user and data privacy:

Proctoring Process and Test-Taker Experience

How are exam rules communicated to test-takers?
Exam rules are communicated in multiple areas within the platform. Once a test-taker schedules an appointment, they can review their exam rules (set by an instructor or administrator) at any time while logged into their ProctorU Platform account. On the day of the exam, they will be prompted to review their exam rules during the launch process. If they're using the Live+ service line, their proctor will also confirm the exam rules.
How long is the typical pre-exam launch process?

The average launch time is between 8 and 12 minutes. 

Reporting and Notification Settings

What is the turnaround time for session feedback and integrity reports per service line?

We typically send incident reports within 8-12 hours of the proctoring session, but this process can take up to 24 hours for Live+ sessions or 72 hours for Record+ sessions. Both of these windows are shorter than the turnaround times offered by Examity.

Will a recording of proctoring sessions be available for review if needed?
Yes. Our platform provides real-time access to testing sessions and videos, meaning administration and/or faculty can watch a session as it happens or access the full video immediately after the session is over. In the event of a potential exam integrity breach, we also provide incident reports that summarize the events that occurred and all relevant information.
How long are videos accessible to instructors and admins once a session is complete?
The default time period is 365 days, but we can shorten that length of time if desired by the client. This is in contrast to Examity's policy, which stored flagged sessions for one year but non-flagged sessions for 60 days.

Platform Compatibility and Technical Requirements

Does the platform work on mobile or tablet devices?
Test-takers can set up their accounts, view their account information, and schedule exams on mobile and tablet devices, but they cannot take a proctored exam through a mobile or tablet device.
Is there a way to accommodate test-takers who cannot download software or programs like the Guardian Browser to their computers?
In order to provide the most exam security for clients and the best user experience for test-takers, we developed our own native browser: the Guardian Secure Browser. To learn more about it, its benefits, and why we developed it, please refer to this web page.
Installation of the Guardian Browser is done at the user level rather than across all user profiles on a computer, and most users are able to complete this process without issue.
Is the Guardian Browser a requirement for using the ProctorU Platform?
Yes, using the Guardian Browser is the primary and default workflow for test-takers to connect to their session. For test-takers who are unable to download the browser to their computer, we have developed a workaround. Please see the answer to the question above.
What are the technology requirements for test-takers?
You can see all test-taker equipment requirements in this support article. Generally speaking, however, the only software requirement involves downloading the Guardian Browser.
How do you handle incidents of an internet outage or power failure while a test-taker is in a proctoring session?
When an internet outage or power failure occurs, the exam content is immediately blurred and the test-taker sees a notification about it. The test-taker has 30 seconds to resume their exam directly. If the disconnection lasts longer than 30 seconds but is resolved within 10 minutes, the test-taker must follow a reconnection workflow similar to the initial exam launch. If they're unable to reconnect within 10 minutes, the session is marked as complete.

Exam Migration, Support, and Training Resources

Will we get training on how to use the platform?
The Meazure Learning team will be hosting training webinars and providing robust FAQs, videos, and how-to instructions to assist with your questions.
Do instructors also have 24/7 access to chat and phone support?
Yes, they have round-the-clock access to both chat and phone support, available every day of the year. You can reference all support methods in this support article.
Have Specific Questions?
We’re here to support your ACCUPLACER exam transition to the ProctorU Platform. Drop us a line for more information.